Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sooooo, I have not been very consistent with blogging. I think it may take a bit of practice to make it habit. Or at least I hope so. But guess what? I'm going to try and be better about it in this new year.
Christmas came and went, Santa was good to the kids. But running and running making sure you don't miss visiting with anyone takes a toll. Darren and I left the morning after Christmas. His best friend was getting married in Alberta, and we were both a part of the wedding, which we would not have missed. It did, however, make for extra chaos during an already chaotic time. We were so thankful to know the kids were being well looked after. One less thing to worry about.
Then came NewYears. we had a blast with Brian, Anna and the kids! Playing Rock Band and Mario was such a good time. I love having friends that we all enjoy spending time with and am looking forward to lots more fun with them in 2009.
Still, on the heavier side, this was all our firsts without Ronnie- Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and his birthday. Each one was hard in it's own way. There were good moments of remembering and not so good moments while remembering. At least we still can come together as a family and honor his memory. I miss my little brother, his laugh, his smile and knowing that no matter what, I could count on him. All he wanted was his sisters to be happy.
This will be a new year, one filled with promise and hope....

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