Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I am so glad to be back to a normal routine. It's amazing how fast you call fall out of a schedule and forget how to get the groove again. We finished up our Christmas break with a sledding day on Sunday. Darren, Brian, Anna and I took all the kids to the middle school with sleds and a lunch and spent the afternoon having a ball. I am glad that we bagged the drive to Mt.Baker, the kids didn't know any different. I loved watching them run and play, watch out for each other and just enjoy being kids. The grown ups got a few trips down the hill themselves, but mostly it was to pull the little ones and their sleds BACK UP the hill. Needless to say we all got our activity in for the day.
The kids were tired enough that they didn't even complain at bedtime! Halleluiah, that is always a treat. But Monday came soon enough and back to reality. Breakfast, hair, teeth, homework, music practice, and bedtime. We'll get the hang of it again soon I'm sure. This morning was a little easier than yesterday. And now I am waiting to see if Logan and Eme will nap today, or maybe they'll give me 10 minutes of peace to rest. I am also waiting anxiously for a call from my sister. She has started labor and is just waiting for this baby to be born. What a blessing he/she will be to our family this new year. I am praying God will provide a safe delivery for this sweet little one!

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Sara Joy said...

Oh my goodness... the baby is almost here??? Keep us posted :) I cant wait to find out if its a boy or a girl. (it drives me bonkers when people dont peek) ha ha ha

Love your blog!!! Im finally getthing the hang of blogging now. wahoooo