Friday, January 9, 2009

Baby girl!!!

Wednesday, on one of the worst days for weather Jennifer decided to go to the hospital to have her baby. I could hardly stand it! All day I waited for news from mom or Brandy, praying that somehow I would be able to get to the hospital. The day wore on and finally while I was at the gym I got the call. Alyssa Jade had been born! Jennifer was sure that she was having a boy, but nope another little girl. She was 8 pounds on the nose and 203/4 inches long. I got to the hospital just as visiting hours were ending, so I didn't get much time with her. But she is so wonderfully sweet! There is something about newborn babies in all their innocence and peacefulness. What a little dolly she is! The kids have not seen her yet, but maybe this afternoon I will take them over to meet her.

So much for routine....

Well, I got two days of a normal routine and then the rain started. I was glad to see the rain as opposed to snow, but then our street started to flood. Darren and I stood in the window and watched the water rise. The pond in the back yard was creeping up to out yard, Pine street was flooded up over the sidewalk, past the flower bed and into the front yard. And even better, the cul-de-sac was flooded as well. I was amazed at how fast the water rose. We quickly went to the garage and started getting things off the floor since the water was steadily climbing the driveway. Around 11:30 pm, the City of Lynden came by and said their were sand bags at the YMCA, so off trekked my wonderful husband with his shovel. By 2 am he had filled bags for our house and two neighbors. Of course, no school the next day, and what makes a mom feel more trapped than having four kids at home and not even able to open the garage door? NOTHING!!!! But ever resourseful and dependable Anna made it onto Pine Street and walked through the water to rescue us. We must have been a sight, carrying kids and to her van! Our house even made KIRO 7 News Wednesday night. We're still locked in with water, but it is going down. Maybe by Monday we can back on schedule......

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I am so glad to be back to a normal routine. It's amazing how fast you call fall out of a schedule and forget how to get the groove again. We finished up our Christmas break with a sledding day on Sunday. Darren, Brian, Anna and I took all the kids to the middle school with sleds and a lunch and spent the afternoon having a ball. I am glad that we bagged the drive to Mt.Baker, the kids didn't know any different. I loved watching them run and play, watch out for each other and just enjoy being kids. The grown ups got a few trips down the hill themselves, but mostly it was to pull the little ones and their sleds BACK UP the hill. Needless to say we all got our activity in for the day.
The kids were tired enough that they didn't even complain at bedtime! Halleluiah, that is always a treat. But Monday came soon enough and back to reality. Breakfast, hair, teeth, homework, music practice, and bedtime. We'll get the hang of it again soon I'm sure. This morning was a little easier than yesterday. And now I am waiting to see if Logan and Eme will nap today, or maybe they'll give me 10 minutes of peace to rest. I am also waiting anxiously for a call from my sister. She has started labor and is just waiting for this baby to be born. What a blessing he/she will be to our family this new year. I am praying God will provide a safe delivery for this sweet little one!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sooooo, I have not been very consistent with blogging. I think it may take a bit of practice to make it habit. Or at least I hope so. But guess what? I'm going to try and be better about it in this new year.
Christmas came and went, Santa was good to the kids. But running and running making sure you don't miss visiting with anyone takes a toll. Darren and I left the morning after Christmas. His best friend was getting married in Alberta, and we were both a part of the wedding, which we would not have missed. It did, however, make for extra chaos during an already chaotic time. We were so thankful to know the kids were being well looked after. One less thing to worry about.
Then came NewYears. we had a blast with Brian, Anna and the kids! Playing Rock Band and Mario was such a good time. I love having friends that we all enjoy spending time with and am looking forward to lots more fun with them in 2009.
Still, on the heavier side, this was all our firsts without Ronnie- Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and his birthday. Each one was hard in it's own way. There were good moments of remembering and not so good moments while remembering. At least we still can come together as a family and honor his memory. I miss my little brother, his laugh, his smile and knowing that no matter what, I could count on him. All he wanted was his sisters to be happy.
This will be a new year, one filled with promise and hope....